The development of a garden – from idea to reality – can be broken down into a few simple stages. As described below, our process is designed to ensure that the garden we create for you meets your needs now and into the future.


On-Site Meeting – We will walk the site with you and discuss your goals for the garden. This gives us an idea of your lifestyle and interests, enabling us to customize the garden to best meet your needs. To make our plan as accurate to the site conditions as possible, it is best if we have a recently prepared site survey and Architect’s plans of the house.

Garden Master Plan – Upon completing the research stage of the project, we develop the Garden Master Plan. This plan will show the general layout of the garden and will indicate paving, paths, lawns, shrubs and planting areas, as well as the location of any major features such as pools, water features or pavilions.
We will schedule a meeting to present you with a colour print of the plan, explaining our ideas and how we have put them together.

Master Plan Refinement – We will refine our concept to address any comments you may have. Our goal is to make sure the concept reflects both your needs and your personal expression for your garden.


The contract documents provide the information needed by the contractors or craftspeople that will build your garden. Depending on the complexity of your garden, these drawings may include:

Design Development of Details – We develop conceptually all the detailed elements that make up your garden. Once we have your approval of the conceptual details, we will proceed with more formal drawings.

Label / Dimension Details – for custom-made gates, structures, walls, stairs, etc.

Material / Paving Plan – materials and patterns, and their installation specifications.

Grading / Drainage Plan – retaining walls, slopes of hard-surface areas, stairs, drains and sub-surface soft scape drainage.

Dimension / Layout Plan – precise measurements of all areas and distances.

Planting Plan – similar to the Master Plan we will present you with a colour print of the planting, explaining our ideas and how we have put them together.

Tree Plan (on large projects only) – location, size, variety and source for trees.

Lighting Plan – location and types of landscape lights, as well as lighting zones.

3D Model (optional) – this can help both clients and contractors to better visualize the project.


We are happy to recommend contractors we feel would best suit the demands of your project, and to request estimates from them on your behalf.

Site inspections are an important component of developing a unique garden. Our hands-on approach allows us to continue to personalize your garden and to ensure that all aspects of the garden are of top quality and in accordance with our plans. In addition, we will visit nurseries as needed to find specific plants and to ensure the quality of all selections. For larger gardens, we may need to make a fairly wide search to find unique specimens, since trees are such an important part of our garden designs.


We stand behind our work. Our gardens will develop, grow and endure over time, revealing successive layers of beauty. We will suggest a maintenance professional who can work with you to take care of the garden. We also encourage you to call us for annual or seasonal reviews so that we can offer fresh input into your garden’s maintenance and development.